Kevin Spacey Trial Latest: Alleged Victim “Woke To Find Actor Performing Sex Act On Him,” Court Hears


An aspiring actor woke up to find Kevin Spacey performing a sex act on him after falling asleep at the two-time Oscar winner’s London flat, a court has heard.

The actor, one of four alleged victims in Spacey’s ongoing trial in the UK, told a police officer of the alleged incident during an interview that was played to Southwark Crown Court this morning.

The man, who is the fourth accusers giving evidence against the American Beauty and House of Cards star, said he had agreed to go Spacey’s address and up to his flat because “it’s Kevin Spacey.” He had written to Spacey asking to connect back in 2008 and unexpectedly received a phone call response.

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After they ate some “leftover pizza” and smoked cannabis together, the man claimed Spacey “kind of opened up his arms and said, ‘come here.’

“Then he started to nuzzle his head… He was just rubbing his head into my crotch. I thought ‘this is incredibly weird’. I was very nervous at this point. I was just flicking through TV channels.”

The man recalled going through Spacey’s film collection and asking about other actors but “didn’t really want to have much of a conversation,” before the alleged victim fell asleep.

“Going to sleep isn’t something I would normally do – it is unusual in my behaviour just to conk out,” he said. “I remember four to five hours later waking up – my belt was still together but my button and my zip were down and he’s just performed [a sex act] on me.”

The man said he reacted by saying “no”, before adding: “Then he stopped and asked me to leave straight away. He said I shouldn’t talk to anyone about what had happened.”

Oscar-winning American Beauty star Spacey (who is being tried in the UK under his real name Kevin Spacey Fowler) denies the 12 charges against him, which include three counts of indecent assault and seven overall charges of sexual assault, alleged to have been committed between 2001 and 2013.

The prosecution has labeled him a “sexual bully” but Spacey’s lawyer has told the jury they will hear  “many damned lies” and “some deliberate exaggerations” during the trial. Spacey himself may not testify but is expected to attend each day the court sits.

Last week, the first three alleged victims took to the stand, with one accusing Spacey of coming out as gay as a mask to “disguise” his behavior and claimed the actor touched him in an intimate area during an alleged assault that felt like it lasted an “eternity.” He also claimed Spacey had grabbed him “like a cobra” but that the star’s status as an A-list actor meant he had initially decided against going to the police.

Another accuser claimed Spacey had grabbed him “so hard I almost came off the road” during a period as the actor’s driver in London. He claims he was assaulted more than 10 times, including allegations Spacey touched his penis up to six times and abused him in other ways.

Spacey has said before the trial he expects to land acting work immediately if he is found not guilty.

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