Joe Biden Calls NBC News’s Peter Alexander To Answer Questions After Chaotic Scene In Which Reporters Shouted Over Each Other With Queries


NBC News chief White House correspondent Peter Alexander said that Joe Biden called him on his cell phone to answer questions about China, following a chaotic scene in which the president cut short a post-speech Q&A as reporters shouted over each other.

In the interview with Alexander, Biden said, “I think the last thing that [Chinese President] Xi wants is to fundamentally rip the relationship with the United States and with me.”

Earlier, Biden had given remarks on his decision to order a Chinese spy balloon shot down off the coast of South Carolina, after it floated over the continental U.S. He also talked about the sighting, since then, of three other unidentified objects, which Biden ordered shot down.

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When he finished his remarks, reporters began shouting questions, as is custom. Alexander attempted to ask about criticism that the shooting down of the objects was an “overreaction.” But another reporter is heard shouting whether his response to China was compromised by his family’s business relationship, and other reporters also were heard trying to get their own questions in. “Give me a break, man,” Biden said. The president then keyed in on Alexander’s question, before telling him, “You can come to my office and ask the question. We’ll have more polite people.”

Biden then left.

Alexander wrote on Twitter that Biden called him “to answer my questions that he could not hear because other reporters were shouting.”

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