Hollywood A-Listers Support Indigenous People’s Day, Tie Native Rights To Climate Stewardship, Oil Pipeline


A host of big names tweeted their support for Indigenous People’s Day, a longstanding counterpoint to Columbus Day that President Biden made official with a declaration on Friday.

Leonardo DiCaprio was among the A-listers who made the connection between the day of remembrance and Indigenous Peoples’ stewardship of the land.

“Let’s stand in solidarity with Indigenous Peoples’ climate leadership,” tweeted the Oscar winner. “We must call on our leaders to recognize the sovereignty of Indigenous Peoples and end fossil fuel expansion once and for all.”

The text was also shared by fellow Oscar-winner Susan Sarandon.

Mark Ruffalo also shared that text and followed with: “Indigenous leaders are calling on Biden to move past promises and commit to real climate action. Like ending fracking and shutting down all pipelines. It’s time to #StopLine3 #BuildBackFossilFree.”

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StopLine3 is a reference to the fight against an $8 billion pipeline replacement project that funnels Canadian oil sands crude to refineries in the Midwest and also the Gulf Coast. Like the better-known Keystone XL project, Line 3 has been the target of Indigenous and environmental activists who say it violates tribal agreements and fear it could pollute sensitive habitat. While Biden nixed the Keystone project, he allowed Line 3 to go through.

Ruffalo also tweeted a statement calling calling on politicians to respect Indigenous Peoples’ sovereignty: “We must also stand in solidarity and call on our leaders to recognize the sovereignty of Indigenous Peoples to decide what happens in their own territories.”

The tweets coincided with peaceful protests over Line 3 outside the White House today.

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