Daily update: Will America meet Biden’s Fourth of July vaccine goals?


President Joe Biden has set a new vaccine goal for America: 70% of adults receiving at least one COVID-19 shot by the Fourth of July. If shots continue at their current pace, Biden will fall short of that benchmark.

In the past week, an average of about 365,000 adults have received their first vaccine each day. To reach Biden’s goal, that number will need to increase to about 630,000 adults newly vaccinated each day.

How many adults will be vaccinated by July 4 if COVID-19 shots are given at the current rate?

Just over half of the nation’s total population, including children, have received at least one vaccine. The pace of vaccine administration has fallen significantly from its peak in early April, when more than 2 million adults were reported newly vaccinated each day.

The Biden administration is working to pick up the pace by increasing public outreach, as well as encouraging vaccine incentives like discounts or sweepstakes for vaccinated people. Some child care providers will offer free child care through July 4 to parents and caregivers who are getting vaccinated or recovering from vaccination, and many pharmacies will have extended hours this month on Fridays to accommodate late-night vaccination times.

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How quickly are adults being vaccinated against COVID-19 in the U.S.?

The U.S. surpassed Biden’s vaccine goals for his first 100 days in office – his promises of 100 million, then 150 million, then 200 million doses administered in that time were reached with plenty of time to spare. Overall, the United States administered more than 230 million COVID-19 shots within Biden’s first 100 days as president.

Because age-based data was not available by the date vaccines were given, the data in this story includes vaccines based on the date they were reported to and published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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