Consumers Spend $11 Bln Monthly On Mobile Apps, Games In 2021


Consumers have spent about $11 billion on mobile apps and games from both Google Play Store and App Store on a monthly basis in 2021, translating to a daily spend of about 370 million, according to data released by Burga.

Between January 2021 and December 2021, consumers globally are projected to spend $133 billion on mobile apps and games in 2021, including $85.1 billion on App Store and $47.9 billion on Google Play. The projects total spend in 2021 is expected to grow 19.71 percent from last year’s figure of $111.1 billion.

However, Google Play is expected to trounce App Store in the number of downloads, with Google Play accounting for 111.3 billion downloads and App Store accounting for 32.3 billion downloads, from the total projected downloads of 143.6 billion in 2021.

Meanwhile, the total projected download figure is expected to edge up 0.48 percent from the 142.9 billion downloads recorded in 2020. For both years, downloads of Android apps on Google Play Store outshined Apple apps on App Store, despite Google Play Store trailing sharply in revenues. Data on mobile apps spending is provided by mobile app intelligence platform Sensor Tower.

The spending on mobile apps and games in 2021 and 2020 has been supercharged by the shift in consumer behavior amidst the coronavirus pandemic, when consumers were forced to be indoors and fully dependent on online activity.

During the pandemic period, smartphones were seen to play a key role in consumers’ lives. Consumers were compelled to work from homes and use their mobile devices to enable them to shop, work, learn, play games, exercise, among others.

Meanwhile, the app spending and downloads also align with mobile devices’ growing purpose in running businesses, with more and more business moving over to operations through apps that are generally more user friendly. Businesses operating through mobile apps are also likely to stay ahead of the competition compared to peers.

However, the ongoing vaccine rollout has seen the stalling of downloads correlating with the general opening of the economy. Earlier assumptions were that growth experienced in the smartphone space might stall once the pandemic had been fully contained.

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