CNN And PBS Win Two DuPont-Columbia Awards Apiece For Coverage Of War In Ukraine, U.S. Exit From Afghanistan


CNN and PBS took home two prizes apiece, headlining tonight’s duPont-Columbia Awards handed out by Columbia Journalism School.

Founded in 1942, the awards aim to uphold journalism standards, inform the public about accomplishments by video and audio journalists and support journalism education and innovation.

CBS Evening News Anchor Norah O’Donnell and Co-Anchor of PBS NewsHour Amna Nawaz hosted the award ceremony, which returned to an in-person event for the first time in three years. A video stream of the 90-minute event is available HERE.)

“Tonight’s honorees are recognized for the quality of their work,” O’Donnell said at the start of the show. “This truly phenomenal journalism. But we also want to recognize the courage it took to embark on reporting these difficult stories and the doggedness to complete them.”

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Nawaz gave a shoutout to her father, who graduated from Columbia’s journalism school. “He taught
me to always ask tough questions, to listen carefully, to choose my words wisely,” she said. “That’s what makes good journalism, and that is why we need at this moment in history more good journalism.”

This year’s jurors include Madhulika Sikka (Jury Chair); Lynne Adrine; Nina Alvarez; June Cross; Mark Jurkowitz; Mark Lukasiewicz; David Rummel; Robert Smith and Mark Whitaker.

Here is the full list of winners, with descriptions by the jury:

CBS News
60 Minutes: National Security in the Information Age
In four related stories, this impressive series documented in chilling terms the clear and present danger of ongoing cyber attacks, primarily by Russia, to this country’s
infrastructure and national security.

“Arctic Sinkholes”
This episode of NOVA explored a recently discovered geological phenomenon with
dramatic implications for climate change: new sinkholes are appearing across the Arctic
releasing previously unknown levels of methane into the atmosphere.

This American Life
“Talking While Black”
Two years after the racial protests of 2020, this audio report traced the story of Black Americans unexpectedly caught up in the backlash against #BlackLivesMatter, including a Michigan teen shockingly sold by her white classmates in a virtual slave auction.

PBS NewsHour & Jane Ferguson (Bundled with Ukraine Coverage)
The Fall of Afghanistan
Jane Ferguson’s in-depth and courageous coverage tracked the fate of Afghanistan in
the months leading up to the American troop withdrawal and the immediate impact as
the Taliban regained control.
War in Ukraine
With empathy and context, a team of courageous reporters and producers fanned out
across Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, and Russia itself to report on the huge impact of
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Finding Tamika
Tamika Huston went missing in 2004, and pieces of her skeleton were found years later. Her life and senseless death are explored in this innovative podcast series that asks why so many Black women like her go missing each year.

KARE 11 Minneapolis/St. Paul & A.J. Lagoe/Brandon Stahl
The GAP: Failure to Treat, Failure to Protect
In this hour-long special report, A. J. Legoe followed the trail of violent criminals with severe mental illness, who end up back on the streets after they are judged incompetent to stand trial.

HBO Documentary Films
The Janes
This film about a group of women who banded together, publicized their illegal services, and ran a safe, affordable underground abortion operation in Chicago in the late 1960’s is all too relevant in today’s post-Roe United States.

WXIA TV Atlanta & Rebecca Lindstrom


A special needs child was mysteriously abandoned in an emergency room in the middle of the night. That single incident resulted in a profoundly insightful series, fueled by a reporter’s determination to surface a disturbing flaw in Georgia’s social safety net.

ABC News Studios | Hulu
Leave No Trace: A Hidden History of The Boy Scouts

This documentary’s scathing indictment of the Boy Scouts exposed the deliberate protection of pedophile scoutmasters within its ranks and the damage done to thousands of boys.

WBRZ-TV Baton Rouge & Chris Nakamoto

MURDER – LIES – HIDDEN EVIDENCE: Holding Louisiana State Police accountable
Following a tip, WBRZ’s investigative team obtained internal emails and leaked video of the death of an unarmed Black man in police custody and exposed a pattern of deception at the highest levels of the Louisiana State Police.

CNN Films | HBO Max
With an extraordinary window into the complicated life and attempted assassination of
Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, this compelling documentary was there as his
team worked to identify and expose the members of the secret Russian intelligence team
that shadowed and poisoned him.

WTVF-TV Nashville & Phil Williams
NewsChannel 5 Investigates: Revealed

This in-depth investigative series on the inner workings of the Tennessee Legislature followed the money and the relationships between politicians and lobbyists that actually drive the legislative agenda.

KXAS-TV NBC 5 Dallas/Ft. Worth & Scott Friedman
Paper Tag Nation

This remarkable series of investigative reports took an obscure topic – paper license plates – and uncovered an entire underworld of criminal activity, proving that public interest journalism can be as dramatic as an action movie.

The Washington Post: Post Reports
A Post-Roe America: Continuing Coverage of Abortion

Caroline Kitchener’s deep reporting in the run up to the Supreme Court overturning Roe v Wade provided context and valuable insight into the layers of ambiguity many Americans feel.

Gimlet Media | Spotify
Stolen: Surviving St. Michael’s
This intimate yet expansive podcast series began as one reporter’s journey to untangle
her own family mystery and ended as a revealing condemnation of abuse in Canada’s
residential school system and its painful legacy of multi-generational damage.

CNN Worldwide
From the moment the first shots were fired in Ukraine, CNN’s coverage was sweeping and in-depth, from live breaking coverage on the frontlines, to following millions of refugees as they fled across Europe, and witnessing the everyday lives of Ukrainians months after the initial invasion.

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