Biden Accuses Putin Of Trying To Extinguish The Ukrainian Culture


US President Joe Biden has accused Russian leader Vladimir Putin of trying to extinguish the Ukrainian culture.

Addressing the Quad Summit in Tokyo on Tuesday, Biden said, “If you turn on the television and you’ll see what Russia is doing now, it appears to me that Putin is just trying to extinguish a culture. He’s not even aiming at military targets anymore; he’s taking out every school, every church, every natural history museum as if to try to obliterate the Ukrainian culture. And the world has to deal with it, and we are”.

The world is “navigating a dark hour in our shared history,” according to Biden.

“The Russian brutal and unprovoked war against Ukraine has triggered a humanitarian catastrophe. And innocent civilians have [been] killed in the streets, and millions of refugees are internally displaced as well as exiled,” he told Washington’s key Asian allies.

He blamed Russia for worsening the global food crisis by blocking Ukraine from exporting its millions of tons of grain. “As long as Russia continues the war, the United States will work with our partners to help be the global response, because it’s going to affect all parts of the world,” he added.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said his government is ready for a prisoner exchange with Russia.

“The exchange of people — this is a humanitarian matter today and a very political decision that depends on the support of many states,” Zelensky said while addressing the Economic Forum in Davos via videoconference.

A Russian diplomat at the UN office in Geneva resigned in protest against over Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

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